We often hear two different terms when the nocturnal pest is to be addressed. The one is a cockroach itself while the other one is a roach. Now, we often wonder if there is any difference between the two. The answer to this question is NO. In the present article, we are going to understand why a cockroach is called a roach and vice-versa.

While Cockroach is a word for textbooks, the roach is used within social groups. The difference stands only in the use and origin, whereas the meaning stands the same.

Where does the word “Cockroach” come from?

The word Cockroach comes from the Spanish originated word “Cucaracha,” which later transitioned into the English language to become “cockroach.” This term is usually used in institutions, schools, and places that require a formal address. 

Why is CockroachCockroach called a “roach”?

A roach is a slang or an abbreviated form of CockroachCockroach, which was earlier used in the United States to address an American Cockroach. With passing time, the use of the word has crossed the borders and is now being used everywhere. The term is most often used in informal conversations like other slangs used. One possible motive for using the word might be to sound less scientific, and the name is anyway shorter, so it is easy to be called out.

Why are slangs used?

  • Slang terms are often understood by people of a particular group or specific people; therefore, using slang is mostly a way to show that you belong. 
  • You can connect with the like-minded people who understand what you mean by using the up-to-date slang terms.
  • It is often a mark of being “cool” or letting others know that you are fully acquainted with the changing trends. 
  • Slang is also a way to use language to separate yourself from others.

While some slangs die out from lack of use due to the introduction of new terms, others become so popular that they completely take over the common word otherwise used. Slangs are a way for people to know how language evolves over time, as new words are continuously added to the dictionary while old ones disappear as they are no longer into use.

Different Slangs for Animals 

  • Chuck is used for a chicken in Australian slang
  • A dog is often called a doggie or a doggo in the United States 
  • A cat is also called kitty in a lot of countries.


Looking into the depth, we are now clear that a roach is nothing but a cockroach only, and it is an evolved word originating out of people for making it short and sound cooler.

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