Cockroaches are one of those species that are highly resilient and adapt behavioral patterns to survive in any condition. It does not matter how clean your house is or how hygienic you are; they would ultimately find a shelter in your home if the situation demands so. Nearly every household battles them at some point or the other. They not only create a lot of nuisance, but can also destroy food, damage books, and fabrics, and spread disease and trigger breathing issues. 

What makes Cockroaches Frequent in Florida

Florida is a beautiful city to live in, but people there are always troubled by pests because of its pest-friendly temperature i.e. hot and humid, that maintains round the year. 

Since cockroaches find it challenging to survive in icy places, they take shelter inside homes. That being said, unlike most of the other cities in the United States, Florida’s climate remains relatively warm and comforting for roaches during the winter season. Here the winter temperatures range from about 70 °F to about 50 °F. One of the main reasons for this temperature is because Florida is geographically closer to the equator, allowing higher temperatures and humidity to stay during winters.

The Three frequently occurring species of Roaches in Florida are:

1. American Cockroach

American Cockroach

Scientific Name: Periplaneta americana

American cockroaches prefer damp conditions and often are found in sewers, woodpiles, and mulch. This is a reddish-brown, about 1.5 inches long or longer than that, winged, but does not fly. The wings of males are longer than the female wings. Young cockroaches are gray-brown. 

As the American roaches mature, they become more reddish-brown in appearance. They have well-developed wings but do not fly much unless temperatures are above 85 degrees, then they are known as “flying water bugs.” These generally cannot survive in temperatures less than 25 °F.

2. German Cockroach

German Cockroach

Scientific Name: Blattella germanica

These cockroaches are a significant worry as they like indoor locations. These are small in size, ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch in length and medium yellowish-brown in color. German roaches can be distinguished from other cockroaches by two dark parallel stripes on the anterior, dorsal portion of the thorax.

The preferred habitats by these cockroaches are Kitchens, bathrooms, and other locations that provide food, moisture, warmth, and shelter. The lifespan of these roaches is approximately 100 days.

3. Smoky Brown Cockroach

Smoky Brown Cockroach

Scientific Name: Periplaneta fuliginosa

This is one of the oldest species of roaches that still exists in Florida. These are probably named after their dark brown color and about 1 ¼ to 1 ¾ inch long. Their wings are strong and capable of taking flight. This makes them excellent fliers. They seek warm, humid, and well-protected areas. 

These roaches have an impulse to lose vapors through their body, and for that, water is an essential requirement for them, every two to three days.


Various protection measures can be followed to prevent roaches from entering your houses, which includes sealing any openings in pipelines, using insecticides, and maintaining proper ventilation.

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