There are about thirty different species of cockroaches that invade the state, and each one differs slightly in terms of physical and behavioral characteristics. Though the existence of pests is a common issue in the United States, it is often said that roaches constitute a sizable percentage of the pests that plagues Texas as a whole. 

American Cockroach

American Cockroach

Scientific Name: Periplaneta Americana

Appearance– These cockroaches are giant up to 1.5 inches, have wings, and are reddish-brown with a lighter border over the head.

Place of exhibiting– They occur in the dark, damp, warm areas, often near steam pipes, in sewers, grease traps, wet basements, etc. They mostly happen to be in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, breweries, pet shops, and other establishments where food is prepared or stored.

Lifespan– They can survive up to two years, much longer than other cockroach types.

Cuban Cockroach

Cuban Cockroach

Scientific Name: Panchlora Nivea

Appearance– Cuban Cockroaches are about 3/4 of an inch in length and identified by their lime green color. Young ones are brown. They are brought into this country in bananas. They have wings and can fly, often attracted by the lights in the home. They fly toward porches and outdoor fixtures.

Place of exhibiting– They most often reside outside where they are found inside yard debris, firewood piles, and wooded areas that are moist, shaded, and have leaf litter in abundance. They are attracted to lights and might fly toward a building spotting lights.

Lifespan– They find trouble reproducing indoors and have a lifespan of twenty months.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

Scientific Name: Blatta orientalis

Appearance- The oriental cockroach is approximately 1 inch long and dark brown to black. Males have wings covering 3/4 of their body, and the female has very short wings. These cockroaches are often called “black beetle cockroaches” because of their smooth, dark bodies. 

Place of exhibiting– They live in areas with decaying organic matter such as plants and animals. They manifest in places where it’s damp, cold, and dark. These cockroaches are sometimes addressed as “waterbugs” because they hang out in moist areas.

Lifespan- These can live from 34 to 180 days.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

Scientific Name: Parcoblatta pennsylvanica

Appearance– The male and female differ entirely from each other in presence. The adult male is one inch long, dark brown, and has developed wings. The female measures about 1/2 inch long and has very short wings that are nonfunctional. They are comparatively smaller than the American Cockroach. 

Place of exhibiting– These pests are not domestic. They are generally found outdoors under logs and stones. They might accidentally enter homes, cabins, cottages, and invade wooden surfaces. They find their way into homes on firewood or through open windows.

Lifespan– This species of roaches live for several months.

Weather Conditions in Texas

Texas experiences extreme warm summers, which might not be a favorable season for humans, but it is the most appropriate season for cockroaches to invade the place. They become incredibly active during this season. Therefore, the availability of ample food and suitable weather conditions allows cockroaches to harbor the site.

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