Cockroaches are one of the ancient species still surviving on the earth. These are somewhat generalized insects with some of the most adaptable features and can survive in any climate. Cockroach infestations don’t just appear without reason, though it might seem that way. They are always attracted by human activities, such as leaving food crumbs or things like that.

Since insects have a powerful sense of smell, they pop up in homes and offices around the world wherever there is a possibility to find accessible food sources.

Favorite Food Items for Cockroaches

There are certain food items for which these insects have a particular liking which includes:

Sugar: They quickly smell a dried sugary drink on the floor and come to feed on it in no time. Due to their fondness for sugar content, they love feeding on Juice, soda, baked goods, candies, and fruits too.

Greasy Food: They also have a particular liking for things wrapped with butter or oil such as french fries, toast, etc.

Starch: Their source of carbohydrate in the home is slices of bread and cereal, and when they do not find these, they sometimes eat book bindings to quench their thirst for starch.

What is a Balanced Diet for a Cockroach

Cockroaches have preferences too, and they prefer to eat certain foods. They are attracted to carbohydrates and protein enriched. These insects fill their appetite eating all kinds of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals too

What attracts Cockroaches in Homes?

Cockroaches are omnivorous species who feed on anything and everything edible for them. They are quite attracted to kitchen counters because we tend to leave crumbs on the surface, which makes an excellent snack for them, and they often target fresh or processed food items that you leave out.

Whether it’s garbage, vegetables, fruits, or even other insects, cockroaches can live on whatever they find, which is one of the reasons for their extended life span among various other insects.

Why do Cockroaches infest in offices?

While offices do not generally have food items lying or crumbs as is the case in the kitchen but cockroaches also love to eat paper scraps, book bindings, receipts, cardboards, etc. Along with that, it is too easy for them to inhibit the storerooms where they quickly find shelter for themselves.

Some Interesting Facts About Eating habits of Cockroaches

  1. They have a great ability to digest cellulose, letting them eat all kinds of papers, and even cloth materials.
  2. In the absence of food or scarcity, these insects turn cannibals and eat their mates.
  3. Cockroaches can live without food for a month, but will only survive for a week without water.
  4. These insects have also shown an attraction to alcoholic beverages, especially beer.
  5. They have the ability to consume both organic and non-food items and have helped these insects survive in times of food shortage.


Cockroaches can eat much more than we could ever imagine or the things we consider edible. They have a robust immune system and digestive system that digestion is never an issue for them.

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